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The ultimate reaching tool Special Features Lightweight – weighs less than 2 lbs Super strong Fiberglass and Aluminum construction Stainless steel hook Quick release button Waterproof LED

Where to find us

A: 20 Columbus Street Perth-Andover, NB Canada E7H 1T3

T: + 1-506-0273-9492



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Likely more than your skinny arms can pull…but we cap it 150lbs to be

It weighs the same amount as 2lbs of feathers.

For about 20 seconds then you are going for a swim…unless you attach about 6” of pool
noodle to the end. That works great!

No, it is not a Ford

NO, please use a certified rescue device such as a
lifejacket, or some other certified rescue device. Did I mention the Slim Reacher is NOT a certified rescue

At (hint-you are already on the site)

Back of a truck, on a boat, around the dock, in the garage,
at work, around the house, putting up lights/decorations, hunting, fishing, camping, hanging plants,
climbing mountains, snowshoeing, passing a beer in a tippy canoe, hooking your friends belt loop to
stop them from making bad decisions to name just a few. Did you read the previous FAQ?

Under the bed rail of your pickup, on the wall of your garage
or shed, on the gunnel of your boat. The where is up to you, the how is with the included mounting

Yes it is rated IPX7 which means good to 3 feet depth for up to 30minutes.
Definitely longer than you can hold your breath.

The brightness is 100 lumens at full battery on 1 st click, 50 lumens on 2 nd click (battery saving mode). Turns off on 3 rd click. It may not light up your life but it will help you see what you
are looking for.

Absolutely! However, this may
cause some animosity or feelings of jealousy which can be easily overcome by ordering a Slim Reacher
for the person to whom you bragged, …thus making you a hero. (or at least let them know where they
could get theirs).

Haven’t found an answer to your query?
Haven’t found an answer to your query?
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